Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 1 in SG

Phew...took an 8hr bus journey fr Ipoh-SG...hell tiring and exhausting... no nextime lerr...rather take flight..
Can't sleep well in the bus plus faced some prob at check point..stupid kastam!!

Reached Golden Mile at 830am!!! Imagine, 11pm depart fr Ipoh and reached SG next day at 830am!! what the heck!!
SG has changed many years didn't come to SG..Uncle ST came and fetch us back home at Fajar Rd, Bt.Panjang...Then took our bfast nearby, yummy Lor Mee! Surprised that in housing area have 24hr McD..has improved alot compared to last time..everything in good maintainence coz they are paying for everything, even now the HDB have lift which last time don't have. Just great!

Back home, slack awhile then took a short nap till noon, waiting my aunt come home coz my cousin sis gotta register for Sec1 today...Got myself prepared and here we go...JURONG POINT shopping mall...had out late lunch in the mall at 4pm! Wakao....haha....had Japanese food..It's YAKIYAKIBO Teppanyaki Restaurant..

Noticed that SG Japanese restaurant likes to concentrate in an area where you no need to walk up and down to find one. It is all locate at the same area. We also bought some snacks, Chewy Junior! Looks like doughnuts but it's chewy!

Shopped around until Yan replied my msg and called me...i have to take MRT fr Boon Lay to Clementi to meet her up. Kinda complicated routes as im not use to it..but now get use to it after taught by my aunt.
Reached Clementi station met up with her and say buh bye to mom and aunt. We took MRT to Bugis as she wants to bring me there to shop for cheap stuff and for dinner. Sweat...coz very pack inside Bugis street, much more pack and complicated than Sg.Weng. Too many stalls and small lorong..but saw alot of oldies days bags...damn cheap! Just cost SGD15-35!!! Msia cost ard RM50-60 something. Didn't buy anythg today but just bought 3 thick trendy belts for SGD10!! Cheap thou....Gotta go back and grab one or two bags in next few days...for dear Saki and myself !

Ard 740pm, went for our dinner at Iluma located at Bugis too, a new mall with varieties of brands of your choice, but didn't really shopped much as we are going to have dinner there. Had japanese food again, haha, thx for Yan's treat. There is a cluster of Jap restaurant and kinda confusing but we chose Tsubohachi @ Ebisboshi Shotengai.

We had sashimi, scallop and ham roll skewers, soba set and another dunno what set. Foods are damn full! A very nice building where the place we seat are quite cozy coz can see the changes of lighting of the building itself...great night view! Yan's bf going to fetch us back and we shopped for awhile..then meet up with her bf...
Thx Jason for the ride..pai seh gotta fetch me bck to Bt.Panjang, kinda far from Bugis. And thx to Yan for the dinner treat...

Reached home ard 1030pm, kinda tiring day and my feet get swallon bcz of wearing the shoe too long..Sigh! 脚起水疱了。。。T.T
Tomorrow will cont hunting at Orchard road, my next target! Haha....wanted to look for Charles & Keith's collections of bags...^.^..

Ciaoz people...nitez!

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