Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 2 - SG

Woke up early morning, sleep for few hours only, so tired...still can feel the ache of my feet and shoulder. But today have to cont shop also!
Promised Saki dear to buy her a bag, so i and mom went to Bugis first and walk around Iluma, but nothing to buy. But bought something fr Charles and Keith at Bugis Junction. Bought one pair of heels and a bag..yoohoo!! Tadaa! Here is the heels SGD43.90 and Bag SGD59.90. Went to walk around at Bugis Street looking at bags...and bought one for her. Hope she like it..

Then, it's time to Orchard! Took MRT to Orchard, comes out fr MRT station is ION ORCHARD...wee! Shop shop many people!!! Mom bought a handbag, dunno should say expensive or Everbest! Saw Cotton On, wow, damn cheap, bought one top...then have to cabut alr..its time for dinner then countdown! Took MRT fr Orchard->Newton. Uncle came and fetch us for Bak Kut Teh dinner! Nice try, it's near Arabian St.
Plus free durian puff, first time trying it, taste quite nice.

After dinner we went for Singapore Flyer, haha, Msia one never try before but took SG one. We pay SGD29.50 for an adult and kids just SGD10 cz they hv student card. There is a tablet which is for dining in the SG Flyer. Guess what?! It cost SGD199 for VIP dining!! Takes twice ride=1hr. While the normal one like what we are taking only 30mis ride. But it's kinda romantic but expensive cz paying SGD199 and inside the tablet can only occupy 4 tables which means 8 person. The scenery is just so nice, can view Esplanade, Convention Center, the lightings, so so beautiful! Then we drive to Orchard road, suppose wanna take a ride on the HiPPo. But it's too many people at the counter, lazy queue plus kinda waste money. HiPPo is an open air double deck bus, mainly for tourist to tour around Orchard road. But its kinda late and too many people taking HiPPo, so we just sit inside the car and go round the place. Damn crowded, whole Orchard road is so happening! No wonder everyone coming to SG to celebrate Xmas! Whole street deco is so beautiful esp at night with the lights on..
After that, kids were starve and asked for supper, we went for Coffee Bean and Subway. Had Banana Choc and ordered 3 pieces of cake, fat fat fat!!!
Reached home alr late and i sleep at 4am!

ps: Cont Orchard next day..

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