Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Off to SG!!

Yippy! Will be departing at 11pm to SG...just a 5D4N trip and im like taking hell lot of stuff...swt..
Will be bck on 28th Morning.. Those who asked for Xmas pressie...wait patiently yea!! haha...
Might not be able to on9 everyday in SG...
Gonna have fun with cousins and relatives as well as friends...hope to have a memorable Xmas eve celebrations.
Saliva dropping for Turkey...yea!! gonna have turkey this Xmas...woohoo!!!

Gonna shop like crazy ... Thx Fran for giving infor on what is going on sales in SG...hmm, gonna bombard those malls...hiak hiak!!
Gonna take lotsa pichas expecially Xmas deco at Orchard!!

ps:  ~Stay tune guys!~ Don't miss me too much ya!! XD

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