Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Untitled Nov

It's the starting of Nov, and bad luck comes to me for the kickstart...
Hurt my toe and it is still pain this morning...cant sleep well for whole night...afraid of i will hurt my toe when i sleep...
Anyway, sleep till 11am woke up by aunt's usual her do something..
At last, UTAR student bill is out..and due date damn fast, gotta settle the bill within one week..wth!
Need money then they act so fast...was thinking of e-banking, who knows something wrong with those ma farn things..what PAC???
Lucky have my dear..Saki..will pay at the bank at oldtown...phew! need ma farn mom to do this and that.

Guess most of the friends knew what had happen to me matter guess or read my blog..thx for care anyway...but don't spread it pls..not something to be proud of..
Almost done my ind assign for Brand Management sub...waiting for second assign...

Gotta have moral midterm next week, but dunno which ones knw it...sien!
Haven start revision malay get worse nowadays...wondering can i write out a good malay essay?? Alt got an A for SPM..but its N years ago...

Work!!! No money d..thx for my "sui po" for getting me this job...muax! love her so muchie...!
Alt i hate working in jusco supermarket bcz of a bitch...but have to...10am-10pm..argh...long time din work i able to stand this long??

Hmm, there is someone i would like to thanks while im down for the past months, my "grandpa"...thx for yr advice and care... thx for so gan jeong me..but dun owis bully me!! "wei xie" me...hmmph! I wan go Tenji also..wait u bring me there...wish u all the best in both love life ans yr year jor..add oil la..dun owis kao lui jor!! Or else dun wan intro leng lui to u !!

3 Assignments+2 Individual test+1 presentation+Final exam (2 subs)=Committing suicide

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