Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Farking Pissed Off!!!

Wtf!!! Sorry to use that word..but i ain't in any good mood to accept what i saw... seems that there is a closer rapport between both of them alr.. Saw what she wrote make me damn pissed off and sad..tears just shed down which i can't control...hate it!! hate this feeling! Hate myself for being not good enough..i knw im not pretty as she do...not good as she do...
I know i have no rights to angry on it..but still i can't stand it..."dear".... Perhaps i misund the usage of this word...from anyone of yours fren, i will accept it...but can't accept it from her...

Another freaking pissed me off thing is i slipped in bathe room...damn pain...and no one besides me when i need someone badly! Cried out of pain....clean the wound myself...and suffer the pain. Get bruises and deep cut on end toe of my right leg...thinking im gonna start work this am i gonna wear the shoe..shit!... Lucky i still have my best buddy for caring me...yes..talking you lar-My "grandpa"...TQ so much la..but do take care yrself too..make wise decision..

Still very angry....Grrr....damn geram! Bet i won't have a good night sleep tonite..

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