Monday, November 2, 2009

Life Is Short

Life is indeed unpredictable...3 UTAR students reported went missing..drowned when they went to waterfalls at 5pm today.
Yesterday, Vahn said:" Life is short, dun slip too much."
Life is indeed short, we can't predict or know what will happen next second..and everything is fated to be what it would be.
RIP to James Khor...may God Bless him...resting in peace in another life...
It was a shock and sudden news where friends and family hard to accept the fact....

People, appreciate what God gives us...treasure every moment u have with your beloved..
Do what u ought to do..strive for what u want to ... in fact, life is short..who knows tomorrow will i still sitting here blogging?
Am kinda sad the news of 3 UTAR students as the victims...
Not a good day..and lately many cases happened in Kampar..
Perhaps..should go for a pray....

p/s: R.I.P

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