Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday...7th day...

It's Friday, go to tutorial class as usual...this sem lectures and tutors are sucks..dunno teach at all..
sigh, gonna study on my's so boring..rain for a while..and i m starving..dunno what to have for my dinner...
It's the 7th day since we separated, you are busying with your work..and lack of rest for this two days..need to social with colleagues...and rehearsal for tonite's event...heart pain see that...
I know you are very busy with all the stuff on hand right now, coming week will have yr midterm..
another busy week for u ... it's ok if unable to acc me.. will try to suit myself without you by my side..
I know it will be very tough for me..can't just stop thinking about are you doing? did you eat well or rest well....
I'm kinda free, and think too much...even friends are saying i m stressing myself..
Undeniable..lately, i had severe headache..worst will be vomiting, alt i hate vomit..
Can't go back to hometown this week as no one at home, no point going back..sigh!
Might be going back next week, cuz need to consult doctor next Saturday, gonna have a check on why i have headache all the time.. hmm, hate hospitals...but no choice..
start to worry and afraid..what will the result be after checking? brain tumor? cancer?..hahaz..whatever it is..alr no mood to sad for that..

Will be going to support Cross V members for tonite Mooncake Fest event at Uni...all the best to them! I am tired, and now having headache sienz!

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