Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stupid me

Moral med term today...and end up i lost my water bottle inside the class..so so stupid...when realise is too late...it has lost!!! can't find it at all....>.<
So so sad... it's the bottle u bought for me... it is so important to me...and not as what u say so simple...

It has been so many days u keep busying...i dunno whether u really busy or make yrself that busy and tired till so many excuse to avoid from seeing me or talk to me...i feel so so unhappy lately!!!
Felt like lost a friend alr..so frust!!!
U say i dun und...maybe i really dun und...dun und why u always so tired alr but yet dun take rest and sleep but still go out everynite social with friend...can acc friend but not me?? so unfair!!!


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