Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleepless nite

I would like to apologize for my stupidity to u and it is all my fault causing u in bad mood. I knew i should not jealous without reason. But the moment i hear the voice of a gal in yr room, i make a step backward, it really cracks my heart. Totally breakdown that time, have no place to go, feel so lost. But, i still insist of looking for u and waited u to finish ycha with friends. That is why i waited at downstairs. But i can't control my temper and argue with u over a "no turning back" issue.. I m just stupid. I knew i can't make u to change any decision made. But im still that silly....
After talking, i really did feel relieve alt i knw it hurts deep, but at least i knw how u feel and how r u lately. But anyway, hope u have free time for me too...if we are still close friend. I will not blame u nor hate u because i know i am the one should be blame for causing such ending.
I did feel angry at the point when talking with u and wants to scold u, but i don't think it is necessary anymore. Perhaps friends are correct too. The only thing i need is TIME. Hopefully it wash down everything. No doubt, u have become part of my life, but i will try to pull u out from my heart.
Perhaps this is the most hurt relationship i ever get. And it can be a good lesson to me too. Although u hurt me deep, but i won't hate u or treat u bad. Because i would like to be friends with u than be enemy. If u are reading this, hope that we can be friend, a real close friend. I think i will not argue with u anymore on a no good ending matters alr. I am tired too.
But friends, i need u guys to fill up my free time too..i need friend so much. Notice that i dun really have much friends.

p/s: Slap myself to WAKE UP fr day dreaming!!

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