Friday, November 27, 2009

Great Night!

Had a good nite with u guys! Thx for the treat again la..Snowy Beer! Hahaz...
Met Keat & Gywen, hope u guys have a great nite too!!
1st time go to Yun Hwa, food not bad..alot of people...overall rate 3/5.

Yay! Planning to go Cameron..thx to u guys larr...bcz of me..u guys planned to have an early celebration of Xmas. Hehe...u guys are just so so nice! Hearted!!
Ahem, Mr. Liew better bring Miss Eunice go ah...hehe!

Tmr will start work for 3 days, might not be able to update money gotta work..10am-10pm..hopefully i can get over it!!!
It's alr late, gotta doze off to bed..Nite Peeps!!

p/s: Thx to Eric, Ah Wai & Ah Fei..

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