Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Yay! Back to Ipoh..Thx San for fetching me bck Ipoh..had a nice walk of pasar malam with u! Back to Ipoh is better than stay at Kampar..a town with bad memories..
Consider i take break in advance for myself..hahaz..
Woke up at 12noon..duno myself will sleep till this late..maybe gt aircond..haha
Start packing my room, unpack stuff ... since Tues nite bck Ipoh haven unpack yet...
I had throw alot "rubbish" since i will be staying in Ipoh until i get my intern in KL.. Can't use pc yet cuz bro still using..1 person use 2 screen..apa la!

Later at nite, went out to Greentown Oldtown gather with friends. Long time no gather with them..miss them so much!
After Gossip Gurls talk...PC hv to go home just back lor...
Tmr Eric coming bck fr KL..Gossip Guys talk pula..going for Snowy Beer again! Yay!!

Gotta start work on time chill out with friend this weekend ler..T.T

p/s: 一些人有口讲人家, 晤口讲自己。。不要脸! 醒醒啦!不知悔改!

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