Saturday, November 28, 2009

1st Working Day

Just the first day of working, alr beh tahan
leg damn pain!
damn tiring!!!

Suppose working fr 10am-10pm
but suddenly OT 1hr..
lucky pay OT..
or else dun care it!
Just gv face to $$$ only..

but tmr gotta work fr 930-11pm
wtf! stupid Jusco!!!
full time leh!!!
Hell tiring...
how to tahan for another 2 days??
shit alr!!

Nice to meet 2 new friend
Nicole & Shareen
partimer model...
haha, tall and slim...
Nextime can find Nicole help me make up
she's grad fr AERY JOE

met a cute little boy today testing out our product
after washing his hand and get a sample fr me
he said: woohoo!!
funny..makes us laugh..haha!

Its a tiring day..gotta go to bed alr..nite peeps!

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