Friday, October 16, 2009

What a Thursday!

Should i say it is a mystical day nor a boring day
i'm just not so in mood
had flower tea and Earl Grey tea
really a "tea" day for me
and now gastric become worse
feeling so unwell...

New sem will be commence on next Monday
Something inside my heart
make me afraid of facing the new coming sem
it's just a short sem
and Xmas here i come
to SG and celebrate it
but why m i feeling some kind of discomfort in heart?

I'm telling myself
something which is a fact and a fate
can't change it anymore
i m afraid
afraid of everything
that will happen to me soon

Afraid of new sem
can't cope with it
Afraid of Nov
bcz it is the reply month fr the hotel
Afraid of....
something which i hardly utter out
feel like crying for the coming days
i just don't hope the day to come
i dun wan go bck to Kampar

Had bad result
and what i expect to be worse has come true..
CT..i deserve D for u
MMT..hope there's an increase in both marks either grade

My lappy has come bck to me today
after 2 days left in office
for formatting
and pls treat me good

what should i do if my lappy also leave me uneasy..

p/s: suffering fr gastric and missing u...wondering...


~CKW~ said...

take good care ah..
the something that u worrying so much and thinking didn't help u in anyway right??
just let things go like that...
Not all thing can go smoothly right?
jia you and take good good care ah...
gonna see a healthy and happy u on the coming monday!=] <3

elaine-mia said...

thx my dear...really hope everything goes well..argh!