Saturday, October 17, 2009

Untitled Oct

Human is unpredictable so do situation
Everything goes on and on without early notice nor warning
When it happens, perhaps some might think there is no turning back
While some might think it may be a better solution to what had happened
So, is there "IMPOSSIBLE" on in this world? I doubt

A friend said:"Time is the best solution ever."
And i always doubt with what people said
Undeniable, im good in giving advice to people and help out them
But, im poor in helping myself and hiding myself from the truth this is a norm of humans? I doubt

My luck today fr FB is 90% while tomorrow is 77%
Is this real as what it has been for the past few times? I doubt

A story goes....
A shorty and a lady...
Walked on the street...they are not the perfect couple
But, something pull them together
L O V E... the miracle thing on earth
Makes them live together and happily ever after
Even being teased by others
They do not mind because they are proud of themselves of being in love for each other
Always....proud to be with your loved ones
No matter what had or will happened to either one of them
The strong bond ties them up... P R O U D

A friend told me:" Give up!"
But, i tell myself, i feel thankful because friend cares me
But, i will not give up easily on what im pursuing and hold on tight!
Because only hard work pays off
Give up will never prevail the ending or the routes of a story
One shall keep up with what he or she intends to do or wanted to achieve
I strongly believe
Deep in heart, a hard work pays off rather than a give up....
Perhaps give up is another solution towards a problem
But working hard might be a better way and gives way to the problems

Lately, encountered several problems
Pimples growing and im gaining fat
Thought it will be a boring sem break for me
But i had a busy instead
Getting stress from family after exams
Only then i realise
Stress aroused in human's heart every moment
I've cried and scolded people
To release my anger and stress
But it hardly help
And now im suffering from the noise of fireworks
Because it's Deepavali today (after 12am)
Indians are celebrating their new year
No doubt, they cannot be blamed for the environmental pollution
But it is already pass midnight
Should the community in housing area have a good night rest?

It's Oct, not even a new year coming in
But a new sem is commencing on Monday
Although just a short sem
But it is enough to kill me thou
7 weeks of lecturing, will i be able to cope with it?
Having exam on the Xmas month
Will i be able to finish the exam before Xmas?

Back to Kampar life soon
Will i be able to adapt back to that kind of boring, meaningless life?
Just dislike Kampar, never have such dislikes in my life
How could people over there live their life without any sense of modernisation or entertainment?
Hope can finish my degree asap...

P/s: Craps alot and dunno what im talking about..js ignore it will do .

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