Saturday, October 17, 2009

Optimistic vs. Pessimistic

Wondering for many days when new sem is commencing soon
Perhaps i am worrying the coming days in Kampar or should i say i have no confidence on new sem
Or i dislike the timetable UTAR arranged?
Erm, all of the above also la..just don't like going back..
Going back to 1358 B1..facing four walls again and lappy...boring life again
Rather boring at hometown than in Kampar
No entertainment, no nothing! One word to define the place=Sucks

Another to worry is my internship, everything just depends on my luck
Since i had bad luck this year, it makes me have less confidence on it already
Getting it or not, no comment..fed up alr!
Thinking, will my life in Kampar in coming sem better than previous?or worse?
Will there be something cherish up my life in Kampar? I doubt...

Being in the state of broke, no money really no talk!
Can't go trip or do anything without $$$....see, the world is so materialistic
If the people on earth can go on with wonderful life without $$$, how nice it would be..
People will not have to work so hard just to earn some for their living
Working everyday, goes tru the tiredness, routine repeated...kinda boring thou
No wonder, a friend of mine told me
"People who are still studying would like to go into the working society while people of working class would hope to get back to school"....whatever..this is life, a cruel life...

But, i'm looking forward for the days to come in the other way. Hoping the Brand Management subject is an interesting one. And a good lecturer and tutor assisting us. Thus, hopefully class would not be a boring one. Or else, i definitely will skip the classes.
Wanted to explore more in life with traveling, knowing more people from different networks, broaden my mind and gain more knowledge, as human learn everyday in life, hope that i can catch up with the trend in society.
It is definitely and importantly to do such things, more or less will need $$$ to social with gurls and guys, perhaps small or big investments turn my life to a better one.
So, study hard for a better future! Looking at Renee's life, no doubt she just started working life and still young, but she can afford herself alots of travellings and premium stuff..indulging her own in everything she fonds of...Yea, of course her family background is a bit better than the others, but she works hard, a good educational background...
Really have to brush up my english and work harder than ever to have such good life in such young age.
New mission, alt it may be a mission impossible, but God bless together with my hard work, hopefully everything pays off...

p/s: Please stand strong and be tough, just go through the barriers as life is full of ups and downs where leads u to the success!!

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