Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to boring town

Back to Kampar lu...
kinda boring
wondering why time pass this slow here
at ipoh, time passes so fast

Tomorrow start class lerr..
sad thou..
sigh, drama and movie also watched alr
what else can i do

ohya, i bought my dreamy mascara ytd!!
mission accomplished!
smore rm5 off*
Going to give it a try tomorrow

Thanks to ah fei for the treat ytd noon
at Maria Cafe
such a lovely and romantic cafe
nice food and cosy atmosphere
first time went there as an ipohrian
just 3 of us have a small chat
then move our butt off
thought can have last gather at nite
sm1 ffk us bcz he date gurls..
yea,saying u lor!!!!

Nvm, packed my things ytd nite, packed damn long
also dunno what im packing
taking 6 bags back to kampar
plus a tower fan...

wanted to change the boring life in kampar
can i ?
hope this short sem can pass peacefully
and quickly
then can go for intern
fin 1 year then...haha
hope everything goes well and continue gets better

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