Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Result released

Woke up by seh ling's msg this morning
saying that result is out
and i suddenly bcm so awake
wanted to check it
but as usual
UTAR portal is sucks..
the server down
can't log in

tried several times
at last can log in
but damn disappointed
result is worse than last sem
so so sad
nothing i can do nor say
the sub that i expected will get bad result
eventually appear to be bad as what i though erlier

I know it's my fault of not doing well in that sub
just because of something
and i ruin that sub
or else i alr scoring 3 pointer
im js stupid
not worth at all

How am i gonna tell dad this?
im js a disgrace....
how to move on....
feel so bad..

need to work harder coming sem...

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