Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What should i do ?

Called Casuarina this morning and get to know i still have to wait till around Nov/Dec..if i can wait..
run up and down to call utar and hotel..tired!!!!
really no idea what should i do next step..get scolded fr advisor.. so "yun wong"
dinner at granny place tonite and went out meet babes at Oldtown Gopeng..largest Oldtown in Ipoh..kinda bore as 2 gals ffk us..:P
chit chat for about 1 hr then make a move back home...very tired whole day!
sick of internship!!! so farn....tomorrow gotta go pass up balance docs...then stay up at office till mom fin work only can back home..aiks! will be a boring day for me...
hmm, perhaps tmr go for hair dye...
no mood to cont blog d..nitez!

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