Monday, October 5, 2009

4th Oct 2009 (KL Trip-P4)

Woke up...feel bad..dunno is gastric or stomachache..
just feel not well..go down for was sucks! js have some fruits and can't eat much...
waited dad cm bck fr his bfast with Lions n mom packed all the stuff
and waited for check out..
i really feel bad..can't stand it! wanna vomit! plus headache...
im sweating hot and cold..but mom wanna i tahan until 1 Utama..
acc her shop around but din buy anything..i hv totally no mood to shop as i really feel bad..
had 1 week plus dis few days eat alot..
mom bought banana fr cold storage, ask me to hv some...i jz had half and it makes me wanna vomit
run to the toilet..damn many afraid of puke out in front of this many people..
so i stand till when i can...then go into toilet..
but end up can't vomit sweating but feel cold..but gonna wait dad fin his foot massage..swt!
Then, start our journey back to ipoh..but dad wanted to lunch 1st, so drop by at Damansara business center have a simple lunch..i din eat any but drink hot milo only..can't take in any food..
the whole journey back to ipoh , i just keep sleeping inside the car..can't utter a word..what i ate will end up wanna vomit..
back home at last..but grandpa wants me to fetch him to CK check his eye..wanted to have a new spec perhaps..i alr having migrain..but still tahan it!...
settle everyting...not even unpack my stuff..have a hot bath then went to bed at 8pm..until mom bck fr dinner, had fish porridge...took panadol and sleep again...
really a suffering day for me..

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