Monday, October 5, 2009

3rd Oct (KL Trip-P3)

Woke up early in the morning
get things packed
cz today going to meet up dad
and switch to another hotel
at Jln. Maharajalela
Mandarin Court..
same hotel again..can't we js stay another better one?

Went to Pavillion as we haven go before
nice view from outside..

it's just 930am..and no shops open yet..
but there is an entrance where staff goes in
we walked in as we are the staff working inside Pav
haha..funny! i keep snap pics..but mom said don't
might afraid the guard chase us out..
no shoppers allowed to go in yet other than workers..
there is tourist fr China wearing slipper are not allowed to enter
only then i realized we are so brave that we enter b4 any the shopping mall start operate
just walked around , still taking pics..
saw many branded and overseas branded boutiques..
Aww....that's not for us to buy..hell exp!!
But i saw my fav: Juicy Couture...hmmph!
din go in pun...
saw a shop named BEBE...haha..funny!

walked out fr the HELL!
went to different floors..
here we go , at least can afford to purchase
went into TANGs
bought 3 pc of T
but nice printed T wad...
can share with mom to wear it..:P

walked around..and found BENEFIT counter inside PARKSON
Yay! like it so much..had make up there..
but i din buy anything fr pai seh!!
fall in love with their limited ed perfume..Benefit Lee Lee
smells good!! i wanna buy but mom is rushing
will buy it when im back..haha

walked into FOREVER 21..
phew..kinda messy inside..dunno hw to shop inside larr..
spent more than half hour inside..end up din buy anything
but just keep trying outfit...

wanted to buy
but mom said quality bad..this n that..
saw ENVEE!!
i hv been looking for it after Mid Valley!!
saw the dress i wanted..there is 3 pc left
check it out!
but 3 of them also the same case
beads dropping..they gv me 5% discount
but after consider it, felt not worth..
din buy..really sad!!!

went into NICHII again..this time i bought the knee length dress
left 1 only!! Mom bought it for me..:P
It's time to go bck hotel and check out..
wait for dad...
he bring us for for an hour plus just to go Puchong eat Yong Tau Fu?
plus traffic jam..hates!
it's famous and taste good
but exp..3 of us..cost 40smthg..
it's a late lunch for us..
then head to Sri Kembangan find Siao Gu
to give her today is mooncake fest
but dun hv that kind of feeling..
and can't make it to acc grands..
feel so sorry..
stay at Siao Gu plc for abt 30mins and make a move..

Checked in hotel then parents get prepared for their dinner
it's a friend wedding Noble Banquet..
i m alone in the hotel room.. money d..
dun plan to go out..
there is event going on infront Sg.Wang that night
with nice..
how nice would it be if can see that with bebe..
nothing to watch on tv...take short nap
and get prepared..
dad will come bck fetch me for supper..
my dinner la..
went to Sunway eat..
purposely go thr fr town..
cz asked ray to join us too..
it's alr 12smthing midnight
having dinner..swt!
after that, fetched ray back to his condo..
and we headed bck to hotel..


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