Monday, October 5, 2009

2nd OCT 2009 (KL Trip-P2)

Oopsy..over slept till 930am
jump up fr bed
prepared and went for breakfast in the hotel
the breakfast they included is just American Bfast
and a local breakfast
we are late, so just left American Breakfast

after that, we walked to shop..
mom wanted to shop around the area..
1st station: Sg.Wang

On our way to Sg.Wang, pass by stalls that selling faked branded bags
drop by and have a look
and end up i bargain for a LV Monogram bag
and bought it for 100bucks..quality is good..
the indian guy keep wana sell it to me
saying that im his 1st customer..
deal wit inside, his boss selling at rm350
it's under a same boss..
can see the difference between rm20 and rm100 above geh begs
it's a difference of quality
my 1st hundred bucks gone for a LV..


Shopped around Sg.Wang..many cheap stuff
even some are offering rm25 storewide
but no trying..
how am i suppose to knw whether the clothes suit me anot
if there is np trying
pissed me off
and i din buy it! alt i like the dress so much..
Bought a T for my bebe only at rm19!!
damn cheap! same as what we saw at Ipoh Parade but its exp thr
Bought it for me but kinda worry the size might not fit him
bebe, u gotta keep fit that time..haha

Mom bought me a pair of Caper casual shoes for me wear to uni
she bought a casual shoe only rm19.90
damn cheap! the design was alike Carlo Rino
she is wearing a Carlo Rino shoe at rm89.90
while hv the same pattern only at this cheap price
really sweat...
bought her earrings for dinner wear..
and i bought some hair clips at rm3 free!
better than i saw at Mid Valley rm45 jz a small clip..

Shop so long at for shoes..
walked in to each and every shoe shops..
no wonder shop so long still can't fin..
at last mom manage to buy a dinner wear la..
better than in Mid Valley, like one so much but no her size
mom keep saying the one u want it so much!
won't be yours..
true also..even i want something so much!
but end up no sizes either smthing nt perfect on the dress

Hungry! Had our lunch at LITTLE TAIWAN
it's a beef oriented restaurant..
Mom had a Tang Tang Noodles & Jasmine Bubble Tea
I had a Braised Beef Noodles & Bubble Red Tea
add on a Pan Fried Dumplings..
Tang Tang Noodles
Braised Beef Noodles
Total cost=RM35.95

2nd station: Times Square(TS)
on our way to TS, i bought a cheap slipper at a stall
js RM10..since mine alr worn off..
wanted to go toilet so much!!
and i bring mom to Berjaya Hotel 14th flr
just for a toilet
perhaps..but i dun like dirty toilets
so went to the hotel was clean and big enough
plenty space plus hv sofa for rest..
mirrors everywhere..
wanted to camwhore abit
but mom rushing alr
wanna save time to shop..
take a lift back to ground floor..
there is a branded bags sales!
take a look but end up didn't buy cz nice one alr fin chosen by others

so we walked around
entered into SUMMIT shoe boutique..the shoes are nice
and cheap too!
we spend more than 30mins trying many shoes and sandals
wanted to buy it so much
but still walk around 1st..
then only decide to buy or not..

Shopped around until dunno which flr..damn many flrs
my leg is no longer mine alr..
really salute mom can shop this long..
walked into NICHII,bought 2 Tshirt
total RM59.80
tried two floral dress, 1 at knee lenght
another is abit short one
so so nice!
wanted to buy..but mahal-nye
saw cheaper one at rm25, but no trying...
its like Anna Sui concept..
but afraid it might not fit me..
end up din buy..
sad thou...
nvm..bought 3 small purse of Anna Sui concept at 10bucks each..fake one:P

walked around but still we prefer SUMMIT's shoes..
went in again..try many times..
wante to buy 2..but financial constraint allow me to choose 1 only
mom swipe card again..bought me a sandal..
at rm39.90..

when we are looking for exit way out to LOT10...
i saw a guy with Country Hide apron walking, i followed him
then only realise there is such a shop in TS
i walked in and hv a look
all is genuine leather..
and is exp too!
ask for a free polish from the staff there
and i almost speechless when knowing the price for a purse
is this exp..
TQ bebe so so much!!!

3rd station: LOT 10
Not so many people inside, as there is no sales
mom went into ISETAN again as usual..
i consulted CLINIQUE beauty consultant..a guy
thx Mr.Gan for so many tips and advice..
helps lots!!
Din buy anythg there but i wont's miss of my sushi!!
Went to Isetan supermarket..
there is 50% off for sushi
can't believe it? cz its alr 9pm..
i bought 3 boxes and only cost me rm12.15
damn damn cheap!
so happy! and fgt my swelling feet...haha

walked back to Jln Alor
brought mom for Sze Chuan dish
ordered a Kai Lan

and Hot Grill Fish
where whole bowl of fish full with oil
and dried chilli (rm28)
for 2 person
2 fruit juice..
total damage=RM45!
mahal betul!!!
there is too many food on that street
went back hotel to put down our things
then go out for another food haunt again

saw an antique's Elvis Memphis!!

it's in pink..bcm the attention of many tourist and people !
take few shots of it!!
and have a fried lobak..wanted to try fried oyster but damn exp
the cheaper at js fgt abt it..!

Good nite be continue...

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