Monday, October 5, 2009

1st Oct 2009 (KL Trip-P1)

*Erm, this is a late update as i've been away for trip since last Thurs.

Woke up at 7am..get myself prepared
dad fetch me n mom to Railway station
Depart sharp at 9am by KTM
the seat was small and very pack
wat to do, it's economy seat
Well, reached KL Central at abt 1130..
Take a cab fr thr to our hotel
Reached hotel..which is Season View
located at Jln. Alor...famous street for food haunters..
but kinda pack and danger if walk alone thr..
it's a small room, budget hotel..
but convenient for us to shop around Bukit Bintang area
Settle down everything..
and mom wanted to go Mid Valley..
ok.there we go..
lead her all the way..took monorail to Central
then change to KTM-Mid Valley

Starve madly..told mom food court has some nice food
we just went up and mom wants to try korean food
woohoo! it was was nice and affordable
but not many people inside the restaurant
as the food price is extremely expensive..
that's why they came up with set lunch promo..
We entered into Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant
Environment was nice and quiet..
service was good but they are from China
hard to listen to their language..hahaz..
Mom ordered Hot Plate Beef Rice(set lunch)

Ichiban!! large portion and taste good!
and i ordered Steamed Rice Beef Vege in stoneware
also called Dolsot Bee Beem Bab.

I ordered Ice Lemon Tea
while mom asked for a Korean Ginseng Tea
it came in a small tea cute
and a small cup..really small..

The ginseng tea taste so so good..
Mom's food is tastier than mine and cheaper also
Total damage for our lunch is RM50.75

Next will be our shopping for the day..
shop around..bring mom to BONITA..
bought a dinner beg..
guess wat? it's jz rm19..damn cheap!
looks nice and elegant too!
but end up is mom buying her stuff
mostly for dinner wear la..

I fall in love with a dress..
it was damn nice on me! even mom say so ..
wanted to buy it! alt is rm149
From ENVEE boutique

but bcz it left one only and the beads are dropping out
end up walked out fr the shop sadly
sobz sobz..
will find the shop in another shopping center
swear must buy it!!

haha..everytime entered into MID VALLEY
i just can't resist of buying my favorite GELATO FRUITY ice cream
i chosed my fav which is Banana Oat and mom chosed Black Sesame
Plus i bought a banana cinnamon bread fr SAINT CINNAMON
like it so much!
Saw Krispy Kreme..
bought one Original Glazed and American Cheese..
just wanna try it as it is so famous in overseas
after eating it, it's js so so only..not so delicious as what people said..
and their shop was so people go into the shop..
the doughnuts is not serve hot..its cold alr..

one more my bad day..while walking to KL Central from Monorail station
my shoes spoilt..the bottom part come out
so embarassing...
walk around at Mid Valley wanted to buyone to replace
but mom is the one who buy alot
while i last minute went into NOSE
buy a blink blink sandal..
sweat man...

but is ok la..can wear it to anywhere also..
and my feet is damn sour and pain..
need plaster badly..
or else can't walk for so many days alr..

It's alr late but we still shop around until THE GARDENS
mom went into ISETAN
walked in HYPNOSIS boutique
really hypnosis...
just 2 staff there..
1 gay and 1 lady who is a local actress
no wonder she looks so familiar..
mom tried on many diffrent dresses
end up get persuaded by the two staff..
bought it..rm149.90
but it's nice la..can wear to any occasion
i also can share with mom..hehe

It's 8 smthing..hungry..
bring mom to SUBWAY..
just 2 of us..cost me rm29 smthg..
pain in heart..
but it taste good and large portion too!
erm, on my treat cz mom also spend alot too..
sigh! so so late d..
if still don't go bck, later when walk fr Central to Monorail
will be dangerous..

So, we make a move and go back to hotel..
my back is so pain and sour..whole bodyache..
like old lady d..:P
take bath and rest..watched astro.
haha, cheap hotel hv astro too..
slept at 1am plus..
cant't fall asleep..
cz many small cockcroaches moving around..
hate it!! hope to pass this 2 nights faster..

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