Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Worst Month Ever!

SEPTEMBER 2009 is my Worst Month ever in my life!
Everything just can't go smoothly... all things that related to me has become a problem and everyday seems like not my day.
Exams, intern, lappy, hair do, relationship, friends, financial...just none of them is in good condition!
Really wanna bang my head to the wall...
Someone, something ..anything..just lend me yr hand..need help badly..
Or is this a fate? I'm not truly believe on that..can't just change it fr worst to moderate least?
Feel so awful, unrest, exhausted, tiring, sick of everything alr...

Lappy- I'm tiring fixing u!
Hair- Feel like wants to go bold seeing such bad hair style!
Financial- If there is a job or something that can support me, a little perhaps?
Intern- Pls pls...get it over! I don't want keep worrying it...
Exams- It's over, can't help!
New sem schedule- Hope there is changes on it!

p/s: sweat!=.=

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