Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Satisfied Day!

Yay! Get my hair dyed! This salon was awesome! Albert, u did a great job, thx!
Regret that i did not get my hair perm in this salon due to the appearance of the salon, i choose the other one, which no experience at all..sigh!
But is ok, today im satisfied with my hair! Color is nice, hair stylist is professional enough, 70bucks is more than he blow my hair and makes the curls appeal nicer than it so much!!

But, tonite is a lonely and boring idea what to do ...feel meaningless...
so envy dear can go club...i also want! it's been more than half year i din go club to de-stress d..ipoh club is bad..wants to go either KL, PG or SG club..would be awesome...

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