Friday, October 9, 2009

W A N T E D!!

Items wanted!!
but broke edi..pity me..T.T
first, i would like to rec this perfume fr Benefit
It's a Crescent Row collection
smell damn nice and lovely!!
name sounds unique either...
"Laugh with me LeeLee"
a woody floral; with a light blend of citrus, jasmine and lily blossoms over blonde wood and amber. It’s a naturally light scent with a classic feminine style. Which can also describe her home; a comfortable, yet beautiful shabby chic stunner.

Second would be a mascara fr Maybelline N.Y
woohoo! I love mascara..
Alt i still have a few with me
but im getting crazy over mascara
due to my single eyelid
and short lashes
would like to try out any mascara that gives my lashes
high volume, curls better and make my eyes looks bigger

Maybelline New Long Extreme Mascara
Alt just cost at RM36.90
but am really broke..

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