Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's my BIG day..
but it is also a special day
where im 21 years old..
yea..grow old alr..cant deny that

but im in Kampar..T.T
can't have any big celebrations
haha sm1 here to celebrate with me is alr enuf
went to class today..js an hr lec class
went to Heritage Hall to see dear practice
cz coming sat UTAR will be having Home Coming event

they practiced earlier..
when im there..
they are camwhoring..
haha..Cross V-ictoria crews..
all cute n funny..

later on practice once again..
im d camera man..
record it..2 dance..
call me & sorry sorry..
call me was good enough..
probably gt gurls gua..haha

and i hav to go bck Ipoh this week cz need to settle my intern stuff
struggling to find transport bck
luckily parents said that they will fetch me cz they are goin to Cameron this week..
no need sit bus d.

but next fri start exam...
haven start revision yet
cz dis sub duno what to study..

later at night, dear brought me for steamboat
cz i wana eat
haha..last steamboat for me in this month
alr eat till full...
but dun hv my fav Yam ice cream...:P

thx bebe for the dinner treat..
i know in Kampar..this is consider as the best treat ever
but i wan u promised earlier o..
haha...wait when there is chance bck to PG..
then we go makan lo..

muax..thx alot..
for the present..cake and dinner treat..^^

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