Friday, September 4, 2009

What a tiring day..

It was my last presentation for this semester
done that and fetched wan chee to bus station
she is going bck to Malacca

then head bck to uni
keep running in and out of block A and Block B
js to settle internship stuff
and find out assign marks..
damn hot weather
today alr make me darker..

later on settled everything
went to gym room look for dear
they are practicing
cz ltr on need to rehearse
for tmr's event

4pm, they changed
then went to heritage hall..

so called 530pm rehearsal
waited til 7pm oli rehearse
tired and hungry
fine then
went for dinner at 8
bck hm alr 930
one word...

clean up room n washed clothes
piles of clothes
do mask..
skin feel dry..whole day exposed to sun
plus inside aircond room

need to rejuvenate myself after exam
perhaps a spa?
wondering which spa center provide better services..

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