Thursday, September 3, 2009

21st Birthday

Oopsy..late post..2/9/09
im growing older
even i tried not to admit that im over 20
also have to..

Numbers of people greeted me on FB
thx so much..
dear went to church to see his classmates performance on singing competition
but i feel weird cz its wednesday
dun thk there is such thg
asked huey san
and she said there is this event
okay then..

I thought dear try to ignore me until time strikes 12am
haha..i thk too much d
he really did come to find me
saying will be here at 1230am
i thought he will fgt since no one mention abt my bday
who knws..
sm1 knocked my door at 1153pm was dear

with one hand holding his hp recording
another hand holding a small cute choc moist cake
js a simple cake and bday song fr him
i feel so pai seh...duno wht to react
hahaz..funny lolx..

then, he presented me a purse
which i wanted to change to a new one long time ago
thx for that..
alt js a simple celebration
cz nt enough time for him to plan any surprise..
erm..its ok la..
alt might jealous others friends la..
but im happy as long as sm1 celebrate with me
since im away fr home..
friends are nt in Ipoh oso..
so, at least my dearest celebrated with me
feel happy d..

dear said tmr bring me for dinner..
thking wht to eat..hehe..

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