Sunday, August 30, 2009

3rd Day in Ipoh

Woke up 630am
cz need to fetch my dear go for quick bfast
then he will be bck to BW d
so miss..
cz few days bck he oso busy
less time together...

Then go Foh San to grab seats
who knows..
damn many ppl til no car park
then change place to eat curry mee

Back home was js 9am sleepy *yawn*
but gotta go out JJ bring grandparents shop
erm, i js window shop
cz walk with so many ppl couldn't buy thgs i want
so told mom tmr cm again to use my Bday voucher of PADINI

So damn bad luck
come bck Ipoh
my hundred ringgit over bag was spoilt
Vincci shoe spoilt oso
wana repair
but no time and reasons to go
sigh! Pathetic-nye

But 2dy Baskin Robbin got 31% start fr ytd
for 3 days...woohoo!
so happy cz 1st time buy BR which gt discount
bought PINT size with 2 flavors
Maui Madness and Choc Chip
and i eat till so "zai" d
share with mom
but still feel kinda full

ltr on went to buy famous
Kaya puff and salted chic
lucky ordered the kaya puff ytd
or else sure cant buy much
holiday is really holiday
all out station ppl
cm n eat n buy
where we need to reserve or book advance
or else its a NO NO

Head for lunch at Poly Luck Rest.
then bck Taiping
act is fetch mom's parents back
then 3am bck Ipoh immediately
Tired..nap nap..
til 630pm..oh shit!
over slept..

cz suppose go Korean BBQ with mom
but we din it was full house
then no choice
go Ipoh Garden East for steamboat at SKY Corner
rm29.80 (nt include tax/service charge)
It's a NO LIMIT foods and drinks
Sushi, handrolls, ice cream, sea food
pop corn, desserts, teppanyaki
and special soup for steamboat

Due to we want teppanyaki
so we sit outside where its an open air
ordered Miso Soup
would like to try Kimchi soup nextime
its kinda difer fr other steamboat rest.
where they use difer kind of soup
eat till my yface oily oily and hair was smelly
cz the teppanyaki lo...

so damn full..sit there for almost 2hrs only chao..
me and mom eat..
2 person around rm66 smthg..
it's nt bad, but i din tk seafood
cn order certain type of sushi
but can't eat much of that cz will very full
soup was nice..
erm, overall i thk its better than MP

Happy cz they have Yam ice cream..
my fav..hehe..
alt very full, stil i tk 2 scoops of it..woohoo!
9smthg..bck hm..
tired whole day..but gotta do my own thgs too..

p/s: Pics to be uploaded when bck Kampar

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