Sunday, August 30, 2009

Second day at hometown

Oops..late post..--> 29/08/09

Woke up early morning
fetched grandparents for breakfast
then bck home do house chores

Tired but din sleep at all
late noon thought of going for hair cut
who knows heavy rain
but we alr reached G.Rapat
but the "STYLE" saloon rec by Yvonne was so many ppl
and i can't wait cz need to rush for another appointment
then bck hm bath and prepare for dinner with family

went MP Steamboat
js eat ngam ngam full..not much
then quickly go to church to watch dear's performance
when reach Bercham
i jz go along what Ah Zhen told me
but din even see a church
wondering where is that place
called dear but no answer
bet he is performing
and im late for it

Then round n round..
till i go bck the same place again
only realise actually its nt a church
js a shoplot where those Christian followers
rent it for functions
find so long only manage to find it
thx to Saki & Angie for stading outside
only i knew it was there
js near my Yellowie service center

Then, walked in and saw dear n his crew
they nt yet start
due to the people keep singing n again
1st time step in to such place
get to knw their ceremony and abt Jesus or Christian stuff

Kind of scary when see them convert to Christian
and fell on the floor
accor to Angie, its a ceremony
where they wil lie down on flr immediately
after the priest "bla bla" smthg to them
to get spirit fr GOD

later on, around 9 smthg they only perform
Cross V-victoria..
haha..their dance crew name

Sorry Sorry by Super Junior
n i help to record it
but too ark plus lighting system over there
hardly capture four of them
Then, Call Me..this dance was good
and people thr oso say good
they did a great job
after practiced for months
Poor guys
haven take their dinner
girls and guys keep saying they are hungry
later on, tk some pics and chat with the people over there
only go to Foh Sing hawker stall
for dinner / supper la

Found out that people of Christian quite friendly
but its a bit scary that they keep asking u to join in loyal to my own religion
always do..

after supper, chat awhile
then they are tired
went bck home
Dear stayed over nite at my house
cz next morning early bus bck hometown
to celebrate his mother's bday/retirement

They are going to TAO..

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