Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yay! Back to hometown

It's Friday! im back to hometown..damn traffic jam...hate it! sit in the car so long make me puke!
Evening only get bck home, bathed..then read some magazines and newsletter of mine, since i so long din cm hm..get thgs settled down.
Heard fr mom that Ray is coming bck, probably reach at night time. So, i decided to go for window shop since i gt total 80% fr Padini cz its my bday month..wee! SHOP SHOP SHOP!!

Reached JJ 7 smthg, js walked in two tenant shops...walked out fr MNG..saw sm1 and it was so familiar, its them! Clee and Huey San, they were still in Ipoh, thought they went bck to Kampar d. Then only realise they purposely drag n waste time in Ipoh, wanted to go bck Kampar sharp at 12am which is Kah Yin big day!
So, i decided to join them and chat chat, nt even shop for 30mins, Ray msg me and gotta fetch him, Then head back to JJ, meet up with them go for dinner. I suggested them to eat Glass Noodle Crab which is nearby my house. Since, some can't eat seafood, some dun take, go for normal dinner, which is "zhu cha"...

RM128...ding ding...quite ok la..10 of us...and eat til full full..then , head to pasar malam cz they want to try "chou toufu" . Unfortunately, started rain and pasar malam closed when we reached. So they started to drive bck to Kampar, while Mr.Khor's trick is more than enough. Called up bday gal saying he is alr in Ipoh due to tmr's performance. And evyone act so real that nothing happen. (actually bebe is playing 3 person role..ah Zhen, Benny & Mun Hon.) haha..geng leh...

I waited ray to fetch me in pasar malam area..kinda scary la..alone standing there in the dark..with those indians there..lucky he manage to come and fetch me asap...back home tk shower and rest..checked mail and found out that hell lots of internship docs again..swt =.=

So damn farn! hmm..wondering what is bebe's plan for this assistant class rep..really wana see her reaction..hehe...HAPPY 21st BDAY to dear KAH YIN...! God bless...

p/s: Feels like days din c u...miss..^^

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