Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Sunday

It was an off day but its not meant for me coz need to finish up the assigns which will due in few more days..Well, today im quite in the mood of doing my i manage to fin some..late evening, dad suddenly skyped me questioning me on the parcel, dun wish to reply him pun, called mom to clarify smthg when she is fetching Ray to his fren's hse bck to KL.

Had the oreo cheese as part of my meal this morning..thx my dear for tht..
Perhaps it is a hot day for certain people, n i've boiled red dates water to ease the heat..coz i knw my dear is suffering fr the hot weather n barely concentrate on his finance sub. Pity him...

It's dinner time, but both of us sleep over time's 7pm, been nap for 1hr, msn dear wk him up..only then he realised tht it's alr tht late, wanted go for dinner, but lazy walk js makan sendiri la..

Dad is coming tmr..sigh! add stuff into my room ... my room alr packed ge la...speechless to this 'power center'..
Done my presentation slides n preparation for coming Friday's presentation on journal..hopefully everything goes well..
Still can't sleep in this wee hour, hahaz..watched 3 episode of drama..
Dear alr went to bed..he is really tired for looking the finance whole day..
And i'm still awake, so js blog as usual la..

p/s: First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do.

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