Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary !

Had been bad mood the whole day...den dear ask me out for dinner, so just walked out..
all the way out, i was keep quiet and moody mode reflected on my face, dear tot im too tired, act im not, js dat feel he fgt such important thgs..
when reach the restaurant, we just sitted down and waitress gv us the menu. As usual, dear used to go toilet and i js keep on emo-ing...
until suddenly when im looking on the menu, felt smthg behind me...
OMG..i was surprised wit a cake and a gift fr my dear..
he act planned all the things and he din fgt abt our 1st touched wit it..
he knew i like oreo cake, alt nt secret recipe one but its ok, taste nt bad...*oreo cheese* woohoo!!
Then, tk a look on wat he bought for me, its a T-shirt, he designed it all by his own mz be taken a long time to do all these..
as kampar dun hv any printing factory, i hv no idea bt knw he do this fr ipoh..pity my dear hv to do so much thgs n sacrifice his time even he is at the mid-term period.
He is nt satisfied wit d t-shirt bt im still like it anyway, if framed it up oso looks gd...
his plan was a success one plus his classmate knew it n all of them keep it as a secret..until they bombarded my FB only then i realise they knew it erlier..
Alt js a simple dinner and celebration as in kampar, dun hv high expectation..
but im happy enough tht he rmbr today...
It has been a year where we go through ups n downs to keep this relationship ON..
Thx so much for the gift n surprised..really appreciate it..especially the own designed shirt..
Even there is no cozy restaurant, no branded gift, but im happy n satisfied with it as long as he stayed by my side..

p/s: Thx bebe for flourishing my life, there is no lights in my life if it wasn't u..
thx for lighted up my life and hope more special happenings in ya!!

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