Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy life started

It has been a month away since my last blog..due to the "bz-ness" as a uni student, really can't take a breath out..
Blogging this after reading bro's blog..yea..its those 1st feeling of moving away from home..its kinda hard at 1st but hopefully he can adapt himself to the new environment in KL. It's a big city but he is there for study, so think for what is important 1st. Should enjoy the coll life as Sunway is bumped with lots of international students..will hv great fun..better than UTAR in anyway.
Busy life started since w4 of this sem, try to cope with it as hard as i could. Time seems to fade away in js a strike..not enought time lerr...! Grrrr....
Almost every week got an assign due evy week journal-ing non-stop..
Perhaps i should really take into deep consideration in buffing up my js no idea about designs, drawings...which this sem required me to do so in each sub...darn lah!
Currently rushing for my soon coming w7 ind presentation on CRM, report pun belum habis..smore nid do PPS. sigh!
Next week gonna rush rush rush another sub's assign with group mates..we are really left out time for it alr!! gotta burn the mid9 oil evydy..assigns kill me instead..n no time for revision..lucky js 1 sub gt mid-term..if nt..--> suicide larr..
Wanted to go bck hometown but really dun hv the time and transport..kenot skip Sat CT class pula..
Miss ipoh..miss my fren, miss family..miss my 3 cuties..wanna relax lerr...
Life in uni doesn't seem any interesting to me as i hv totally lack of time spend..24hrs a day js nt enuf..evydy passed damn fast dat week passess week..and 1 sem is abt to end..this is my life in uni..bored!
It's 1.42am , n im starving alr..bebe is yum cha-ing with MH, and im still stuck in the midst of CRM!!!
My brain is stuck and need rest, eyes dropping out but i knew i would not be able to fall in sleep once lye on the bed..
So, why not study journal now..and prepare for next week's discussion..chaoz..

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