Thursday, June 4, 2009


Js duno why...evytime talk on small topic..a common one..sure end up argue..
evytime with different idea or thoughts..will end up like dis..i dun like it..wish to stop these kind of thgs ruining our r/ship...
smtimes feel like all the thgs is pushing me towards a wall..pressing me down..start to feel pressure even though the busy week have yet to come..

Life goes on..everyday..with same routine..same people..same things..same thought..
wish to have smthg new in my life,smthg special,smthg different..js something i come true someday..hopefully..

Its a tough semester..find out tht almost each n evy sub nid creativity, drawings and so on which i hate the most...sigh! no more entertainment d..nid to work hard for this hit up to 3.00 at least..

Hope to fin my degree asap then get a stable job with a well paid its a realistic world..evythg is abt money..what i want n what i need..hopefully will be fulfilled..
Pray to GOD..hopes evythg goes well..

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