Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stress + Sad

Very stress..
coz hv to rush for assigns..
CT gt 2 assign..
MP 1 draft
ACW 2 tutorial
Movie poster...omg..
kill me bah!

Hope can come out smthg..
need to read tru the journal again..
argh..my life in dis sem full of journals..

Midterm on W9..hven start revise
pek cek d..

Sad! Sad! Sad!
coz im counting down to Saturday..
important day to me..
bt hw could he fgt dat..
its 1st anniversary..
but he dun rmbr at all..
seems dat i hv to spend d weekend on my own..

I want ice-cream now..damn headache..
weather hot shit...feel so uncomfortable..

p/s: Everyone is busying with own work..but such important day...how could be forgotten..
seems like i just spend the day myself..no one will be with me after all..

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