Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Grandpa discharge today...but it will be busy day for following days..
it will take a period of time to take care of this big baby..aiks..
Blur...we blur and he too blur...
caused me pengsan nia..
Where got cats fighting?
Where is Teluk Anson..?
Ceiling dripping water?
White cloth?

And im now fall sick d...
maybe exposed to the hot weather too frequent..headache ...darn!
Mouth ulcer smore...suffer ler...!
Thx to Luluz for introducing Bonjela lotion..wil try it.!
And thx to my dear for owis acc me...
alt i dun like gassy drink..bt thx for caring..hope tmr feel better...

Wan to go to bed d...nite folks..

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