Thursday, May 21, 2009

KL Day Trip

Woke up at 7am..make a quick preparation then head for bfast nearby..
then depart fr ipoh to KL..stopped by at Tanjung Malim cz dad wants to do his stuff..
then cont our journey to get Ray's studies stuff settle down.
Appointment wit Inder at his coll..we arrived at Sunway Uni around 11 smthg..we walked in through back door..js walk walk walk then suddenly came to the Admin Office..Faith Foo was surprise how we found her office..Nahh..js easy one..
She brought us to Information Center or so-called Counselling room to explain in details abt the courses available.and hostel stuff..registered and paid..met with Edmund, Ray's classmate who is currently studying at Sunway now..
Take a tour to the hostel..quite nice with the price..fully furnished woth washing machine and aircond..Probably due to the population of international students, foods and other stuff's price is damn exp..
Anyway, decided to stay at Sun-U Residence for a Sem first, which is 4mths..den only move to Lagoon View if there is empty rooms available..
Walked bck to Uni met up with Inder, he took us around n shiw us Uni student center, canteen and so on..Walao eh, canteen only..San Francisco Cafe inside there? really siao..foods at d canteen are damn exp and taste is js moderate..So, Inder recommend us to have our meal at Medan, which located behind d uni, act it was a hawker center, foods are more towards Asian..and affordable..
Thx Inder and Edmund...den we are on our own after settle down everything..take a cab to S.Pyramid..5 bucks..stil d same..potong ppl geh..
No mood js a window money handbag damn heavy bcz of d water bottle...>.<
Went to Wendy had a late lunch..consider tea time d..
den walk around..nthg to shop d..
While waiting for dad cm fr Putrajaya to Sunway...we had a drink at Starbucks...
Java fav..^^...
After dad picked us up, went for dinner nearby..famous Hokkien mee(dai lok mee)
hmm...taste so so lo..put too much dark thick sauce...yee...yucks!

Depart bck to Ipoh..js 2hr dad speed at 160km/j...
:P..biasa la..
bck hm oli 10pm..pity 3 babies at Ah pek purposely bite my slipper..wana play..>.<
his saliva....geram nia...

Acc my bebe 1st...nite!

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