Monday, May 18, 2009

A day pass ....

Another day's monday..time pass so fast..
woke up erli in the mornin, bro fetch me n popo to hosp.
then waited him fin his stuff, we went for bfast den send her bck home.
i bck home do hse chores...
And ah pek damn cute lar...keep on wan to play..bite the shoe here n there..
no time choi him la..
Evening, went to fetch popo to hosp then go to gym..long time din go lerr...
saw the instructor..he is wondering where hv i been ... long time din go gym..
Just an hour of gym then go to hosp fetch grandma for dinner...
dad joined usual, silence during dinner...
had a quick dinner, i js ate porridge cz havin mouth ulcer...darn it! damn pain..
then fetch her bck hm..tmr GF cn discharge bck hm..den wil hv to cm bck to clinic on 27th..
aiks...Thurs nid to go KL..
sien...wan to go pasar mlm tmr..duno cn mk it anot..

chat with my bebe 1st...cont tmr..

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