Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Got out from "The Hell" last got out fr "The Hell" d
Its more worries for her presentation
feel relieved..

Actually stories go like this...
our group was damn nervous..
keep on memorising n rehearsing
when she came into the class..
silence began..

Boon's group start 1st
only then our turn
i was so nervous when it was my turn
never felt this nervous n stress b4 for presentation
even press conf oso no so stress
oh shit!
i skipped many things that i should speak up
js mumble there
totally duno wat i'm talking abt

it's time to gv comment on our presentation
deep in heart, i'm thinking she will screw us up
scold till v speechless..
but who knws..
her mood was damn good..
gives comment n make the class laugh
walao eh..she din even scold for our mistakes
i'm so shock dat she said i'm good in particular criteria was so unbelieveable..

but unfortunately for Mandy's group..
there's no time left
they will have to present on next Monday's lecture class
pity them..sure kena scold

anyway, will be havin steambot..
to celebrate lor..

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