Thursday, April 2, 2009


After finishing presentation
v organise a steambot night
invited our lecture..Ms.Mok

once i get home
fall asleep d
so din join pei yee them buy foods for steambot
8pm..went over Mandy hse
waa..they still nt yet bck..still in tesco
bunch of ppl waiting them d

den we quickly unpack all the stuff
wash it n prepare the soup
guess wat..
they bought sparkling juice
hehe..Mok drink yea..

n Kevin start to drink b4 food ready
wat lar..
den Boon still in his formal wear
he bcm our topic for the night
wants to train him drink sm alcohol..PR ma

he insist dat he kenot drink
den v js cont vf our dinner lo
steambot started..2 types of soup
tom yam n chic soup..act js put cube nia

too many ppl le..very noisy
bt happy la..
1st time whole class gather lk dis
enjoy trick sm1
hehe..he dun wan drink
v used trick lorr..

Mok so tricky..suggest to pour in paper cup
mixed vf sparkling juice
Boon felt nthg
2nd round
pour more heiniken inside..
dis time u die lerr..

All of us js kip quiet..haha
innocent acc him home..
Mok..u so bad la..

later on all dismissed
bck hm do japanese
:P..our group ain't doin..

den Mok joined us gossiping in Mandy's room
haha..listen to us talking abt those "special ppl"

chat til 1am lk dat oli bck home..
tired n sleepy..
beh tahan...

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