Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Applause applause!!

Round applause for today's presenter
u guys did a good job
especially to my group members
alt there is some mistakes
anyway, we really done smthg out of expected

after go tru days of sleepness nite
at last..cn tk a deep breath
(clap clap) to my group members

there r 4 groups of presenter today
our's was on fashion new season collection
with model's walking down the stairs
spot lights on them
we, as the VIPs sat at the front row

after the show
we started our press conf by agenda..
speeches n Q&A passed..
opened a champaign as our closing ceremony
alt it seems lk abit weird..
evy1 "kaku" d..:P

second session of lecture class
there's another 2 groups to present

once enter the lecture hall..
i was like OMG..
ppl are setting up in a quick move
curtain used as table cloth
projectors in n lights up
their title were "Breast cancer awareness campaign"
by Estee Lauder

ppl were well-dressed in formal wear
this was the greatest group who done a great job i've ever seen
they do really have potential
congrat to this group

then, here comes the "Lions" group
nahh..act their topic was "sightfirst by Lions Club"
familiar vf this word?
of cz larr..
my daddy was now a VP of District Governor for 308-B2
hehe..if i'm nt mistaken
but none of my business lerr..

i start to slumber during these group's presentation
argh..feel so bad!
waited along js to bck home
yea..i was bck hm
but non-stop doin dis n dat

wants to sweep n mop flr since it was kinda dirty
afta days of ppl comin in n out of my hse
bt still din do so
cz bz prepare for tmr's witch presentation

May GOD bless..
evythg goes well..
dun hope to kena shoot!
sob sob..scare lerr..

gotta ciaoz..cont memorise..

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