Tuesday, March 31, 2009


hopes come into my mind..
i hope to own things i want..
for my birthday
it was my 21st birthday this year
alt it still distance away..
long time to go lar..
but thk thk oso syiok..:P

i oso hoping smthing for future..
wants my dream car
and my dream house
with all simple yet cosy furniture

hope one day i can really relax myself..
listening to sentimental songs
sit beside the beach..
havin a peace of mind

Hope to have my own business on F&B industry
but that will bcm my aim after settle down everything
i want it!
i love desserts..
that's why i want it..hahaz..

Wants to own thing which is special
different from others
something unique
it's hard to describe
but i want it!

Hope to own HTC Diamond 2 as this year's bday gift
wants a new purse as mine is damn old n dirty d
hope to have a simple n cosy dinner with loved ones..
candle light dinner perhaps?
haha..i think that will only happen in 童话故事
i'm so naive..hehe

wants to slim down
but can't resist nice food..
hope to spend my free time with loved ones..families n my dear bebe..

last but not least
i hope to get back my bed and

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