Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i want to sleep!!!!

Guys..i wan to sleep d!
but u guys still doin...
tmr mornin gotta go uni late lar!

now left few hours to go..
nid to wk up erli make up n prepare
I'm the CEO for this press conf..
haven memorise my speech thou..
duno why
just no mood..

read friends blog..
world is like dat..
all oso have the same prob in their life
this is what life mean..

miss family..
miss ipoh food..
miss popo's homecook food!
miss my doggies..
fei mui, mickey, n gucci..

miss my room
alt i hv no longer adapt myself to my room d
prob stay at kampar d..
used to here d..
anyway, still miss it,gt aircond ma..

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