Saturday, March 28, 2009

Try very hard but ....

I've tried very hard
to hold back tears
screw up my brain to think what is the best way
to tell u my feelings

i'm so tired of pretending in front of everyone
i doesn't mean to make u blur or in any way
wants u to feel guilty

things doesn't go well
i oso dun like that
i dun wan u to feel guilty or ur fault of all these happenings

i duno what m i thinking now
writing this besides u..
i just can't control the tears..

i want to tell u everything
n i've been honest to u in everything
in my life, i never tell my everything to my families before
but just u

never felt of telling my things to any people before met u
u changed me..
into a more confident..
having more trust on people..
alt sometime im too stubborn

p/s: what is the best way to tell u?
still thinking...

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