Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hardly stand it...

Stories began..
"A" went to "B" hse for dinner
it was a gathering with their fellows
just a simple meal..

Who knows "A"'s sickness come
"A" felt something wrong
"A" sensitiveness comes
It was a rainy night..
equal to what "A" facing now
hardly hold back tears

God damn it!
Really hard to hold back tears
after saw something
tried to find excuses
to go back home
but can't speak out
so just simply give excuses nap in "B"'s room

Actually did not nap
just sit there..
looking at walls
thinking..n thinking
in a dark room
with four walls

while fellows are enjoying
Why "A" doesn't want to join in?
bcz "A" find it hard
hard to join..hard to give even a smile to them
just trying to hide the ugly face when someone goes into the room

"A" has no idea how to join in ..
afraid will caused "B" no face

after all
"A" tried to tell "B" what is the feeling
but "A" hard to express the feeling
tears just came in

Anyway, still try its very best to calm down
n tell the true feeling
duno why
just can't do it

afraid of bad ending.....
i cant cont anymore..

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