Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy n tiring day

Sleepy nite..n tiring day
stress from presentation..
cz dat witch asking for too much!
worry for wednesday presentation

back home at 8 smthg
nt even hv time to bath
rush for press kit house keeping
then called dinner delivery
have a quick meal
chat vf bro awhile
pc hang again..sien!
i wan a new pc!!

not much time left..
get thgs settle down then borrowed car from bestie
went to bebe place print out the press kit stuff
thx for bebe help
disturbing him study thou..
then bck hm ..they were here..
my group members are here waiting for rehearsal
but waited more than an hour only start
cz stil doing house-keeping stuff

later on
soo yong brought the designed folder
which jointly designed with Kevin
its awesome..
well done guys!
will upload the hardwork ltr..

around 12smthg..or 1am
only start doin rehearsal
rehearse for times..
then dismiss
tmr mornin mz b in uni b4 730am
hv to wake up erli
but..even now can't sleep yet.
cuz stil got thgs to continue..

they are still here doin live conf recording..
beh tahan d..eyes cant open anymore..
but still need to stand till get thgs done..

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