Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday-Mid Valley

Woke up erli this morning
Kar Yin parents brought us for breakfast at taman Connaught
then drop us at KTM station
we took a KTM ride to go to Mid Valley
it was js a quick one..oli pass by 3 station
it was a sunday..
so it was very pack inside the KTM..
hold my handbag tightly

Reached Mid Valley..
start to shop..
saw Bonita having sales
went in n saw my favorite things
which is a fairy tale necklace
since there is a 20% discount
i js bought it..
then v started to shop from the ground floor.
saw M.A.C new launch product themed on Hello Kitty
take some pics
then continue shop
look around..
try to find high heels for monday nite's prom
but cant find any..

Later on, we had our late lunch at the food court
bebe, clee n kar yin bought McD
they missed it so much
n i had a set of korean Bi Bim Bap
Yummy..taste great..miss it so much!

We still cant find any high heels yet
afta lunch, we walked seperated
bebe bought me natural fruits flavor ice-cream
taste so nice..it was mango mix with banana oat
then we oso bought my favorite Saint Cinnamon
so satisfied...with foods!hehe..
later on,
we head to Kim Gary
we are too full d, so bebe js order 1 set
then shop again
Kar yin bought daily lenses
while clee bought a new dress
and i bought a new high heels fr Primavera..
so elegant yet simple high heels..
like it so much!

We are so tired shop for the whole day
bck home at 930pm
bath n rest
my auntie came
find me for supper..
so bebe acc me go out to meet them
bck home at 12 smthg..
tk rest..
n clee is enjoying her ycha nite at genting..
damn cold la the weather...
can't sleep well..mebe too excited..
hehe..waited clee bck
she bck at 3am..
then i fall asleep d..

to be cont...Zzzz

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