Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to KL

It was a rainy day
Afta my japanese class n exam
rush bck home n pack my stuff
ready to go to the bus station
depart to KL.

im goin to KL UTAR prom..!
So excited..

we reached KL at 830pm
then stayed at Kar Yin hse at Cheras
Its a huge area..
hardly to memorise the road..

At nite, bebe's sis friend came to fetch us for supper
he took us to jln Alor for the famous Sichuan food
it was so delicious..
alt the Sichuan hot fish is cooked in a big bowl of oil with dried chillies
but it taste so fresh and good.
we tried some other things too..

back home rest at 230am..
whiu..tiring day...
slept at 430am..
cant slip well though
but happy cz im in KL..

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