Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Prom Night-preparation..

Awaited moments have come...
slept till 11smthg only wake up
then had our bfast wit kar yin mom
we had the famous fish head noodles at the near by stall
then acc kar yin for hair cut plus set her hair up
later on, bebe n me went bck hm to prepare 1st
cz it was alr almost 3pm
scare late since many ppl will arrive at 530pm

After bath
all of us start to prepare ourselves
make up..style hair..
weather kinda hot..
i've applied make up base on my face
n it was a nice 1..but i start to sweat..
argh..gotta wipe it off d..
then finish wit eye shadows on my eyes..
help kar yin with make up base
later on, applied fake lashes on my eye
alt it was my 1st time wearing it
but it looks nice n perfect

then changed into dress..
wait clee help me with my hair..
she looks gorgeous with the new dress and make up
Bebe look so smart with the formal look..
a vest n a orange red color neck tie
so "en tao" neh

It's 6pm..
we are late..
mun hon reached sunway alr..
we pack all our stuff and jump into kar yin bro's car
he fetch us go n reached in 30mins time..

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